Name: Ashley
Age: 27
Birthday: October 22nd
Location: Somewhere in New York
Languages: English



Q: Do you have a Boyfriend/ Are You Single?
A: No I do not , also because I am a Lesbian and I have a girlfriend .

Q: Where Do You Live?
A: I live in New York State Somewhere

Q: What is your Nationality?
A: Italian 75% and French 25%.

Q: When is your Birthday?
A: October 22nd.

Q: How much did your setup cost?
A: Roughly around 8k (I bought it all over time and not all at once)

Q: What are your specs?
A: Click Here

Q: When did you first learn to program?
A: My Father Taught me Q-Basic in DOS when I was 10

Q: Can I be a Mod?
A: No , Because you asked , then you didn’t read the rules .

Q: What Is your favortie type of music?
A: I like all music except “new Rap” , But Electronic and Old Rock is my Fav tho.